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Although the criminal justice system provides for basic representation through public defenders, most defendants find that their chances of legal success greatly improve with the assistance of a dedicated criminal defense lawyer. Depending on your situation, many options and strategies may be available to you.

At Schwartz Trial Law, Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Ryan Schwartz has years of experience providing personalized counsel to clients throughout Georgia. As a former prosecutor, he understands how the other side may build its case and how to find the loopholes and strategies to fight back. If you need help through a drug charge or representation for a DUI, traffic offense, theft crime, or domestic violence matter, contact Schwartz Trial Law today.

Protect Your Rights with a Tailored Defense

Crimes in Georgia are governed by a complex system of state laws that define the crime itself and any potential punishment. In almost all instances, securing a conviction will require the state to show that the defendant engaged in an activity that was criminal and did so with the mental state necessary to commit a crime. Each element of the offense must be shown beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the highest standard of proof.

Traffic Offenses

One of the most commonly charged crimes is traffic offenses, including DUI. These charges require the state to show that you knowingly violated an existing traffic law or recklessly failed to abide by an existing law, such as driving with a suspended license. In the case of DUI, the state must show that the driver was intoxicated while driving and placed the public at risk of harm.

Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Ryan Schwartz looks at the details of every case. Many times he can argue that the police improperly stopped his client or that they were not subjected to proper blood-alcohol content testing. Attorney Schwartz leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his clients’ defense.


Theft offenses require that the prosecution shows specific intent on the part of the accused. An individual may not be convicted for theft for mistakenly believing that he or she was entitled to borrow an item for a limited period of time, or for failing to realize that an item had been taken at all, among other situations.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes often impose punishments based on basic acts of possession or distribution, and the punishments can be severe based on the type and quantity of drug possessed. However, drug arrests and charges are frequently subject to manipulation, mistake, or confusion and can often be defended on this basis. For example, law enforcement may have improperly seized controlled substances without a proper warrant or another basis for a search.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges may result from a one-sided investigation into a dispute or disagreement, without considering the full picture and both sides of the story. In defending against a domestic violence charge, your attorney will carefully interview and evaluate all individuals involved to get a full picture of what happened in order to effectively defend you.

A Personal Interactive Experience through Your Criminal Case

If you have recently been arrested, it is important that we work quickly to evaluate the circumstances of your arrest and the defenses available to you. Ryan Schwartz is an Atlanta criminal defense attorney who has a thorough command of Georgia’s laws and a strong understanding of how to fight a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges in local courts. We represent defendants throughout the Atlanta metro region, including in Woodstock, Decatur, Lawrenceville, Gainesville, Macon, Canton, Jonesboro, and Norcross, among other communities across Georgia.

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